Our Vision

Hurricane Aerospace Solutions daily vision is simple.

Provide a timely response with solutions to both new and existing customer requests. At the same time, always ensure conformance to customer specifications, requirements and regulations.

Hurricane Aerospace Solutions prides itself in maintaining a well-trained, happy workforce. We continue to invest, improve and develop our processes all the while eliminating waste. Hurricane Aerospace Solutions is focused on providing real time quality and affordable solutions to our clients.

The Aviation and Maritime communities’ ever-changing market demands require our team to continually enhance and develop our capabilities thru ongoing improvements to our current infrastructure. Regularly planning and scheduling to add additional resources within the supply chain to address any and all requirements.

Our Mission

Hurricane Aerospace Solutions mission is focused on a key strategy that continually;

  • Identifies,
  • Improves and
  • Strengthens our core capability of “providing Solutions for Aerospace and Defense Industry. 

We Remain focused on knowing our core customers and continue to refine our business model around meeting and exceeding our customer’s requirements.  At Hurricane Aerospace Solutions,  our entire organization is structured to make and support critical decisions facing aerospace procurement’s most vital issues.

Our Commitment

Hurricane Aerospace Solutions commitment to our customers and associates to continually strive for excellence in these and other areas required to assure their and our own success.

Due to the nature of service we provide for our clients we have a very easy process that we adhere to companywide. Upon Request for Quotes the communication to our clients begins. Solutions and all potential project details will be transmitted and answered via a company network on a company quote documented with a referenced Quote # easily retrievable and valid for thirty days unless otherwise specified in the quote. The document is a formal reply outlining solutions to the requestor clearly annotating the Product Description and Part Number.

Customized solutions tailored to meet clients’ needs potential factors may include:

  • Conditions: FN, NE, NS, SV, RP, OH
  • Traceability: to meet or exceed customer’s requirement
  • Quantity options: small run and large run
  • Customized Delivery Solutions designed to meet customers’ needs Including Same Day Service or Personal Delivery
  • Specialty Testing & Measurement Solutions

Hurricane Aerospace Solutions makes it easy to work with our multiple clients by accepting Visa, MC, AMEX, and government cards. Upon appropriate verification, clients can apply for credit terms after the initial order is completed via credit card or COD.