Supplier Standard Terms and Conditions:

Approved suppliers at Hurricane accept our terms and conditions 100% when accepting a purchase contract.  They have a clear understanding of our requirements for 100% transparency upon every order they except and commit to deliver.  Our expectation is to be in continual communication through out the entire process from acceptance, confirmation, assembly and delivery. 

We expect to be notified through regular status reports, if a disruption occurs we are notified at the onset of a potential delay effecting our delivery or quality.  This open door policy together with our suppliers allows us to mitigate any and all risk immeditately by responding appropriately and effectively to any scenario that we encounter. We do NOT accept notification of disruptions on the given contract due date as this is a sure way to guarantee a spot on the Restricted Supplier List for our organization.

All parts must be new / unused unless stated otherwise.  If parts are not deemed acceptable, they will be returned at your cost.  Hurricane Electronics, Inc.  Reserves the right to access it supplier’s sites to confirm the quality of materials provided and extends the right Hurricane Electronics Inc customers or regulatory authorities. Verification by the customer does not absolve Hurricane Electronics, Inc or it’s suppliers of the responsibility to provide products or services that meet requirements.  Suppliers must notify Hurricane Electronics, Inc immediately of any product non-conformities prior to delivery and/or after delivery if applicable.  Suppliers are required to notify organization of changes in products and/or process definition where required and obtain organization approval if necessary.  Requirements for the supplier to flow down to sub tier suppliers the applicable requirements in purchasing documents including key characteristics Where required.

HURRICANE ELECTRONICS, INC. reserves the right to accept and/or reject and inspect all items, products, parts and/ or services etc. supplied by any seller on the basis and in accordance with our quality management system and/or  per AS9100 Rev. C/ ISO 9001:2008.